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In Japan, there is an age-old saying that goes: “Neko ni matatabi, jorō ni koban” which translates to: “Silvervine to a cat, a coin to a prostitute”. This popular Japanese saying means to put someone in a good mood by providing that which they most desire.


The rare Silvervine powder has got to be (paws down) the most powerful cat herb of all.

Silvervine is also known as Matatabi or Japanese Catnip and is the prefered treat for cats in Asia. MUCA’s Silvervine is wild grown and harvested seasonally from the mountainous regions of Japan. The Silvervine plant contains not one, but two cat attractant compounds. The choice parts of the Silvervine plant’s leaves and fruit is used to create this extra fine, highly concentrated powder. Silvervine’s effects are much like Catnip but tend to be stronger, longer lasting and more appealing to all feline personalities. This also makes Silvervine Powder the ideal choice for cats who are bonkers about their herbs and for owners who have more than one cat to consider. The delicate consistency of the powder is easy to rub into objects and surfaces.

Silvervine Effects: A little goes a long way. Silvervine’s effects will vary from cat to cat. Results will vary from drooling, purring, licking, eating or rolling in the powder, frolicking around and chasing invisible prey. The gaga effect that Silvervine has on cats is known in Asia as the Matatabi dance. Cats make Silvervine powder look so fun, you’d want to try it yourself.

Directions for use: Just a pinch of powder is enough for the happiest cat you’ve ever seen. Sprinkle or rub on your cat’s favorite toy, blanket, bed, scratching post or in the garden

Shelf Life: MUCA’s Wild Harvested Silvervine Powder is best stored out of direct sunlight and away from moisture to ensure enjoyment in every sprinkle.  Our Silvervine is at it’s most potent 12 months after opening.

Human Herbalism: The leaves and fruit of the Silvervine plant are valued in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its use as an antioxidant, circulatory stimulant, diuretic and an aphrodisiac when digested.


We fully believe that aforethought design is just as important to your cat’s happiness as the quality of our herbs.
Our Silvervine Powder is packaged in a sophisticated glass vial with a resealable, biodegradable cork to seal freshness in every pinch.
Each vial comes in a sleek matt-black pouch to prevent light-exposure which drains the potency of the herbs.



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