Valerian Root 20ml


Good Karma for your cat

Contains 100% pure Organic Valerian Root




MUCA’s Organic Valerian Root is identified by its smelly, earthy aroma (some humans love it, others can’t stand it).

Trial Vials are ideal for cats who have never tried Valerian Root and owners who are not sure what to expect.  If your cat has an affinity for both Catnip and Valerian, mix these vials together to throw your cat a pawty!

Valerian Root Effects: The effects of Valerian are much like Catnip and will vary from cat to cat. Results may vary from drooling, purring, licking, eating or rolling in the herbs, frolicking or zoning out in a trance. Valerian tends to be more soothing on felines than Catnip’s excitable effects.

Directions for use: Sprinkle on a plate, in the garden, on your cat’s favorite toy, blanket or scratching post or stuff into a catnip toy or old (clean) sock.

Shelf Life:  MUCA’s Organic Valerian Root is best stored out of direct sunlight and away from moisture so that your cat can enjoy every last pinch.  Our Valerian is at it’s most potent 12 months after opening.


We believe that aforethought design is just as important to your cat’s happiness as the quality of our herbs.
Our 20ml Valerian Root is bottled in a sophisticated glass vial with a resealable and biodegradable cork to lock freshness in every sprinkle. Each vial comes in a recyclable, protective pouch to prevent light-exposure which drains the potency of the herbs.

Certified Organic Source
Muca’s Valerian Root is sustainably grown and seasonally harvested from a certified Organic source. This means our Valerian is 100% free from herbicides, pesticides and GMO’s.

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 6 x 15 x 1 cm


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